Letter from Dr. Campbell

Dear Members of “The Baylor Orthodontic Family” (TBOF),

Thank you all so much for the awesome gesture in my honor on Saturday, June 16, 2018!  I sincerely regret that it was impossible for me to be present!  As you may have heard, I experienced an unexpected trip to the ER and a four day hospital stay.  But things are looking up!  This week has been filled with visits to health care professionals and the reports are all good!  Things should be back to normal very soon.

Please know how much you all mean to me! Thanks for the neat TBOF gifts; I shall think of you all when I wear my TBOF overhauls while enjoying a TBOF stogie!  A Special Thanks to Drs. Julien, Cunningham, Kraus and Swapp for the kind honor and to Drs. Tadlock, Buschang, Taylor and Ceen for their help and comforting words following my little fiasco!  A sincere thanks to all our alums, faculty and our outstanding residents for your support throughout my joyous years at the Best Department of Orthodontics in the World!

Don’t ever forget that regardless of designated nomenclature, we will always be known as proud members of “The Baylor Orthodontic Family (TBOF)!

With love and warm regards,

Phil Campbell

Aaron Swapp